The Center focuses on a unique—and previously unoccupied—space at the intersection of science, justice, and the economy. A space where unchallenged science that does not hold up to broadly held scientific standards is creating a harmful, tangled mess in America.

What is this mess? It’s a system in which poorly designed studies, cherry-picked data, and misinformation campaigns are utilized to make major decisions in courtrooms and government agencies, costing communities thousands of well-paying jobs, making household items more expensive, and leaving essential workers with less effective tools to do their jobs.

Headlines touting concerns with the safety of baby powder, weed killer, and water supplies are designed to instill fear rather than inform, confusing consumers and creating panic where evidence is lacking. Lockdown policies resulting from one-off studies and speculation have left vulnerable Americans at home, children out of school, and businesses on the brink.

This is a mess that impacts every American, from the front-line workers in health and safety to the families making decisions in grocery store aisle to the businesses and their employees. Yet, market research we conducted last fall found that while consumers may know the problem exists, they do not fully understand its cause or extent, how it affects them personally, or what they can do to fix it. Thankfully, when informed, they have actionable information on the ways scientific evidence is used—or misused—in the decision making that impacts their lives.

That is why we are excited to share this video purposefully created to take that next step—educate Americans on the real consequences of the tangled mess at the intersection of science, justice, and the economy, and how the Center is uniquely positioned to untangle it.

Please share this with your colleagues, friends, neighbors, and anyone who may be interested in our work. In the coming weeks and months, we will follow this video with more information that exposes the various aspects of the tangled mess, the impacts, and the solutions we suggest.

It’s time every American knows the truth behind the science that impacts their daily life.