Vision Statement

The Center will be a well-respected champion of fact-based science recognized for its efforts to seek integrity in pursuit of scientific knowledge on issues at the nexus of America’s free enterprise and judicial systems.

Mission Statement

The Center commissions research projects conducted by independent scientists without political, cultural, technical, or ideological bias. The Center contributes to a healthy and balanced system in which judicial and regulatory decisions are based on objective, unbiased, sound, and comprehensive analyses of scientific evidence.

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Founded in 2020, the Center for Truth in Science is an independent, non-profit organization with a vision of becoming a well-respected champion of fact-based science. The organization focuses on issues at the intersection of science, justice, and the economy, with the objective of contributing to a judicial system in which liability and damage awards are based on fact-based science. We will evaluate existing scientific studies and promote the objective and unbiased truth of scientific claims made by those participating in the American free enterprise and judicial systems