After the Biden administration announced it is seeking $75 million to fund additional research on per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), reactions were mixed.

Some worried it was a waste of money. Representatives of the chemical industry supported the effort to explore and understand the complexity of thousands of PFAS compounds. Environmental groups called to skip the studies and immediately move to ban or severely restrict the use of PFAS compounds.

There are hundreds—perhaps thousands—of existing studies on PFAS compounds. But what do they tell us? Most are association studies and controlled animal studies. There has only been one human clinical trial. In other words, we have an enormous body of data, and very little knowledge.

It is important to recognize what we know and do not know about PFAS. The Center for Truth in Science is awarding research grants to two teams of truly independent scientists—with no financial or political skin in the game—to study existing PFAS research, determine the validity of the results, and report findings in an objective and unbiased way.

Our research may not find all the answers. But we are determined to provide anyone who is interested with the best possible scientific evidence on which to base their decisions, including regulators, judges, legislators, attorneys, environmentalists, chemical manufacturers, and consumers.

Perhaps our research will identify additional studies that must be conducted to determine the toxicology and safe exposure levels of various types of PFAS compounds. If that is the case, more research funding may be necessary, and the Center will have made a significant contribution toward creating policy based on scientific fact—not personal agendas.