The Center for Truth in Science has selected Cardno ChemRisk to receive its inaugural research grant to complete a systematic analysis of the methodologies and results of the research studies on the toxicity and carcinogenicity of talc, including those that have been most frequently cited in the risk assessment, public policymaking, and judicial decision-making.  

Cardno ChemRisk is a scientific consulting firm that specializes in risk assessment, particularly health and environmental risk associated with chemical, consumer product and pharmaceutical exposures.

The team of ChemRisk scientists, led by Heather Lynch, MPH, will conduct an independent systematic review and integration of evidence on exposure to talc both occupationally and from the use of talc-containing products in accordance with best practices guidelines.

“The mission statement for the Center for Truth in Science is consistent with our goal of applying epidemiological and toxicological concepts and methods to understand human health risks from environmental, occupational and consumer product exposures,” said Heather Lynch, MPH, Supervising Health Scientist and Project Manager at Cardno ChemRisk. “We hope that the methods used in our independent systematic review and integration of evidence can serve as a model for the evaluation of talc exposures to arrive at valid, evidence-based conclusions regarding cancer risks.”

“The Center is proud to award this grant to such talented researchers to break through the noise surrounding the critical scientific questions facing our legal and justice systems and provide clarity on where current research stands and what more needs to be done,” said Joseph Annotti, president and CEO of the Center for Truth in Science. “Consumers now question previously trusted consumer products containing talc, and our society has a right to know whether claims that these uses of talc are hazardous indeed are scientifically sound.”

More information regarding this grant award can be found here