The Center for Truth in Science released the following statement regarding Bayer AG’s two-billion-dollar settlement agreement to resolve future claims made against Roundup weedkiller related to exposure and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

“While this agreement is likely perceived as good news to Bayer executives, shareholders, employees, the millions of personal and commercial consumers who will continue to be able to use Roundup, and the trial bar—who stand to collect the bulk of the funds—this brings Bayer’s total settlement costs to more than $12 billion and leaves the door open for additional costs in the future,” Center for Truth in Science President Joseph Annotti said.

“This agreement was based on the outcome of a handful of lawsuits in which overwhelming scientific evidence that shows no evidence of a link between glyphosate exposure and cancer was ignored in favor of a single—and now discredited—International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) study that alleged the chemical was a ‘probable carcinogen.’

The settlements’ provision for the formation of an independent panel of scientific experts to study the science surrounding glyphosate is a positive step forward, but the Center believes that this should have been the first step before any of these cases went to court, decisions were handed down, and settlements were negotiated.”