Roll Call: 
Amendment Holds Slow Senate Infrastructure Bill’s Progress — The Senate amendment process is slowing debate on the bipartisan infrastructure bill. One amendment, proposed by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, would require the EPA to set Clean Water Act guidelines and standards for PFAS.

Chemical & Engineering News: Bayer to End Glyphosate Sales to US Consumers — As part of its plan to thwart future litigation, Bayer will stop selling glyphosate-based herbicides for residential use in the US beginning in 2023. The move “is exclusively geared at managing litigation risk and not because of any safety concerns,” the company states. Glyphosate-based herbicides will still be available for professional and agricultural uses.

Environmental Health News: Bayer Heads into Next U.S. Cancer Trial, Opening Statements Set for Thursday — The plaintiffs will argue, that separate from the labeling issues, Monsanto could have, and should have, warned consumers about the potential cancer risk in other ways. Close to 70 people are listed as witnesses to testify at trial, either live or through deposition testimony, including many former Monsanto scientists and executives.

Madison – St. Cloud Record: Plaintiff in J&J Talc Trial Relied on Canadian Report Deemed ‘Very Low Quality’ by Defense — St. Clair County jurors rendered a defense verdict after calling a recent study on the carcinogenicity of talc “very low quality.” While the plaintiff’s legal team argued that Johnson & Johnson talcum powder causes ovarian cancer, the recent Canadian report—which they cited—didn’t come close to such a declaration.

JD Supra: OEHHA Issues Highly Anticipated Draft Public Health Goals for PFOA and PFOS in Drinking Water — Last week, the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) released draft public health goals for two types of PFAS in drinking water. The proposal limits PFOA at 0.007 parts per trillion (ppt) (based on kidney cancer in humans) and PFOS at 1 ppt (based on liver and pancreatic tumors in laboratory animals).