Cosmetics Business: J&J Claims Victory in Latest Cancer-Causing Talc Legal Battle —  A state jury in Pennsylvania ruled that J&J’s talc products had not contributed to a woman’s ovarian cancer diagnosis, siding with the company’s lawyers who argued that links to ovarian cancer had been dismissed by scientific authorities. Despite a series of recent legal wins, J&J is facing tens of thousands of other lawsuits that claim its talc products have contributed to different types of cancer.

MLive: Nationwide PFAS Health Study Recruiting in Two Michigan Counties — The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services is enrolling children and adults in the latest effort to study the health effects caused by PFAS exposure through drinking water. The study is part of a national PFAS Multi-Site Study, which is taking place in six additional states.

National Law Review: PFAS Soil Standards Closer To Being Set In Pennsylvania — The new PFAS soil standards do not create liability if soil is discovered to contain levels of PFAS above the noted limits. Instead, the regulations seek to provide guidance to site remediators, to provide clarity as to the extent and scope of PFAS remediation necessary from contaminated sites.

The Scientist: Opinion: Scientists Must Combat Scientific Dogmatism — In this op-ed for The Scientist, molecular biologist Ahmed Alkhateeb lays out his idea for what kind of role science should play in our society. “An ideal science-based society is one without entrenched ideology, yours or theirs,” he writes. “Its only ‘ideology’ is to constantly evolve and adjust its worldviews. Progress is a process, not a destination.”

WECT 6 News: NC State Researchers Continue GenX Study with Hundreds of People in Wilmington — A long-term research project to study the impacts of newer PFAS chemicals continues in North Carolina. The study, which kicked off in 2017, seeks to examine potential exposure measures, thyroid function, COVID-19 response, and potential impacts to vaccine response.