The Center for Truth in Science announced today the appointment of Dr. Tony Cox to its board of directors.

Dr. Tony Cox is a risk analyst and President of Cox Associates, a Denver-based applied operations research and analytics company specializing in data science and statistics applied to public and occupational health, safety, and environmental risk analysis; epidemiology; policy analytics; and customer behavior modeling. Since 1986, Cox Associates’ analysts and scientists have applied epidemiological, risk analysis, and operations research models and advanced analytics to measurably improve health and environment risk assessment and decision-making for public and private sector clients. 

“I am delighted to be joining the Board, and I look forward to helping the Center follow its mission of pursuing objective, dispassionate, fact-based science to inform important litigation and policy deliberations,” said Dr. Cox. “Recent advances in data science, computational toxicology and systems biology are creating unprecedented opportunities to apply reliable scientific method to learn how exposures truly affect human health. These exciting technical advances can help resist calls to replace fact-based science with consensus judgments of selected experts.”

Dr. Cox holds a Ph.D. in Risk Analysis and an S.M. in Operations Research, both from MIT; an AB from Harvard University; and is a graduate of the Stanford Executive Program. He has over a dozen U.S. patents on applications of artificial intelligence, signal processing, statistics and operations research.

“Promoting the use of sound science in risk analysis has never been more important, and as our judicial system prepares to hear an influx of science-based cases, the stakes could not be higher,” said Joseph Annotti, president and CEO of the Center for Truth in Science. “I am thrilled to welcome Dr. Tony Cox to the team. As we seek to parse scientific truths from an ever-growing amount of noise, Dr. Cox’s background in risk and decision analysis makes him an invaluable partner.”

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